Twitchen House Show times

kung fu panda 312A30th April11:00amBook Now
captain america civil war12A30th April1:30pmBook Now
captain america civil war12A30th April5:00pmBook Now
captain america civil war12A30th April8:00pmBook Now
kung fu panda 312A1st May11:00amBook Now
captain america civil war12A1st May1:30pmBook Now
captain america civil war12A1st May5:00pmBook Now
captain america civil war12A1st May8:00pmBook Now
kung fu panda 312A2nd May11:00amBook Now
captain america civil war12A2nd May1:30pmBook Now
captain america civil war12A2nd May5:00pmBook Now
captain america civil war12A2nd May8:00pmBook Now
kung fu panda 312A3rd May11:00amBook Now
captain america civil war12A3rd May1:30pmBook Now
captain america civil war12A3rd May5:00pmBook Now
captain america civil war12A3rd May8:00pmBook Now
kung fu panda 312A4th May11:00amBook Now
captain america civil war12A4th May1:30pmBook Now
captain america civil war12A4th May5:00pmBook Now
captain america civil war12A4th May8:00pmBook Now
kung fu panda 312A5th May11:00amBook Now
captain america civil war12A5th May1:30pmBook Now
captain america civil war12A5th May5:00pmBook Now
captain america civil war12A5th May8:00pmBook Now

Woolacombe Bay Show times

zootroploisPG30th April11:00amBook Now
ratchet and clankU30th April1:30pmBook Now
the jungle bookPG30th April4:00pmBook Now
the jungle bookPG30th April8:00pmBook Now
zootroploisPG1st May11:00amBook Now
ratchet and clankU1st May1:30pmBook Now
the jungle bookPG1st May4:00pmBook Now
the jungle bookPG1st May8:00pmBook Now
zootroploisPG2nd May11:00amBook Now
ratchet and clankU2nd May1:30pmBook Now
the jungle bookPG2nd May4:00pmBook Now
the jungle bookPG2nd May8:00pmBook Now
zootroploisPG3rd May11:00amBook Now
ratchet and clankU3rd May1:30pmBook Now
the jungle bookPG3rd May4:00pmBook Now
the jungle bookPG3rd May8:00pmBook Now
zootroploisPG4th May11:00amBook Now
ratchet and clankU4th May1:30pmBook Now
the jungle bookPG4th May4:00pmBook Now
the jungle bookPG4th May8:00pmBook Now
zootroploisPG5th May11:00amBook Now
ratchet and clankU5th May1:30pmBook Now
the jungle bookPG5th May4:00pmBook Now
the jungle bookPG5th May8:00pmBook Now


20% off food

Bar 51

Discount valid with cinema ticket purchase. Offer does not include takeaway food. Please show staff your cinema ticket to claim your discount.


20% off pottery painting

@ The Art Shed

Discount valid with cinema ticket purchase. Discount is applied to pottery only. Please show staff your cinema ticket to claim your discount.

old mill

20% off food

The Old Mill

Discount valid with cinema ticket purchase. Please show staff your cinema ticket to claim your discount.

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