Devon’s Best Secret Foodie Spots

If you’re anything like us, travelling is as much about the food as it is the destination and we often get asked what are Devon’s best secret foodie spots. Eating takes you to the heart of a place, shows you its soul and warms your belly with delicious love.

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healthy campfire recipes cooking

5 Healthy Campfire Recipes for Nights Outside

Finding healthy campfire recipes can seem a little daunting; trying to rustle up a nutritious meal under a canopy of leaves, without under-cooking or burning your food on coals. But cooking alfresco doesn’t have to be an ordeal, difficult or unhealthy (however easy burgers and sausages are!)

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camping outdoors in Woolacombe

5 ways to help your child fall in love with life outdoors

The benefits of a life outdoors are endless; improved concentration, better motor skills, lower stress levels and an overwhelming higher sense of wellbeing and happiness. But in a world where screen-time has taken preference over getting muddy, video games over splashing around in rivers and reality TV over building dens in the overgrown hedge at the bottom of the garden, then how do we teach our children to love where we came from?

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Devons hidden beaches

Five of Devon’s Secret Beaches

The summer holidays are upon us, which means most of the beaches in Devon will be littered with families, jostling for space to play frisbee and queuing in the sun for a lunch time cone of chips. But how about a secret beach spot reserved just for you? How about a quiet spot tucked away from the tourists? How about dramatic scenes the locals like to keep to themselves?

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family camping checklist

The Ultimate Checklist for Easy Family Camping

Filling up the car for a weekend camping can be stressful; the list of things you need to keep every member of the family and whether big or small, teeny or tiny, is almost endless. Our advice? Write a camping checklist and check it off. Twice. Here we’ve created an adaptable, customisable list that covers any and all eventualities whilst sleeping under canvas.

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surfing lesson Woolacombe

Surfing lesson review: when I rode a wave

I moved to Woolacombe a few months ago and taking a surfing lesson was definitely on my “must do” list. I became fascinated with watching the surfers and those having their first go in the water. I love the idea of riding waves and being so close to nature. I love surfing culture, the vibes, everything about it. I want to be part of it.

I can swim well yet something about the ocean makes me nervous. I want to have a go at surfing so I need to overcome this.

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Fishing break Devon

4 sporting break ideas you can enjoy on our Parks

If you are an active type why not turn your next holiday into a sporting break? Have you been inspired by Wimbledon and Rio 2016 Olympics? There’s nothing more memorable than trying new experience on holiday especially with family or friends. Especially when you can have a good go at beating Dad. There’s whole range of sports to have a go at when staying at Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks and you could end up becoming a pro!

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